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Povilas Česonis, Director

Since its inception in 2002, I have been leading the European Social Fund Agency. During this thirteen-year period, our Agency has become a significant, well established institution. Am I personally happy with the results achieved by ESFA? Are our clients satisfied? Do employees “feel at home”? Have our undertakings added value and positive change in our society? How close are we to realizing our vision? Do we respect our own values? Maybe these are too many questions, but the main point which comes to my mind is that the positive results speak for themselves.

Sometimes I ask myself, “How do we cope when faced with complexities and constant changes at ESFA”? At times our team’s success is because they act as jazz musicians – they improvise. We negotiate with each other as we proceed and we don’t dwell on mistakes or stifle each other’s ideas. Having experienced and professional teams, we are able to perform and experiment simultaneously. The agency went through many changes since its establishment – different programming periods, a variety of projects, the transformation of management into quality management and structural reorganization, as well as an introduction to many other tools, novelties and initiatives - all of which will be presented in this publication. We did it together and I am proud of the entire staff at ESFA. We learn by doing and we do by learning.