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The European Social Fund Agency and its staff proudly adhere to a core of common values, which include:

Professionalism – Competence and responsibility is key in the work we do to achieve a high quality results.

Mutual respect – Each person is important to us and we value his/her opinion.

Cooperation – We strive to achieve common goals through mutual support, benevolence and the timely exchange of information.

Loyalty – We take pride in doing our best, willingly pool our resources, and value our organization.

Improvement – We embrace new ideas and strive to gain knowledge to greater enhance our abilities.


Our projects:
Decreasing poverty and social exclusion;
Fostering entrepreneurship and employment;
Learning opportunities for everyone;
Development new generation of researchers;
Better public services for inhabitants.


 More about ESFA you can read in a publication - ESFA Meaningful Investment in People.